The present moment contains past and future.
The secret of transformation is how we handle this very moment.

Welcome! I am glad you are here!

If you have found me, you are ready to move into and through pieces of Self that have kept you stuck. I see truth and potential, and what is standing in the way of you living in yours. I serve as a catalyst for healing, with intentions of empowering you to step into your own true potential of healing. It is an ability we all possess. I will guide you back to that access point.

My Passion

My work is a dynamic healing system that works with several modalities to create physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. These integrated sessions consist of Self-Mastery Mentoring and Energy Medicine. Many people live for others expectations. When we do that long enough, we tend to get lost. My passion is to bring you back to that beautiful place that is YOU, and to assist you in learning what your​ heart calls for and how to honor those requests.

What makes the combination of integrated sessions so powerful?

Even before we are born, we become imprinted with certain belief systems and programs that we run on the subconscious level. These belief systems create a quantum field around us and contain us in a certain energetic frequency. Within this frequency, we draw in experiences that match that vibration. For instance, if you were born into those who carry deep suffering from the depression, you may believe that abundance is hard to come by and that life is full of hardship and pain. These beliefs can span generations. If that belief system is never released, you will continue to draw in experiences that reflect and validate that belief, until you choose something different.

In addition to imprinting, we grow up learning from the world around us and accept beliefs that as children, we are too young to process properly. We continue to grow and simply live in a way that reflects those beliefs. What if you grew up feeling unloved, rejected, or abandoned? What if you are still carrying those belief systems with you today? How we feel about ourselves deep within is what we will draw into our current experience. Can you see how this could be profoundly detrimental to living the life of your dreams?

Within session, I assist you in identifying behavior patterns, bring your awareness to belief systems that are not serving you, and aid you in dismantling them. Once we change our beliefs, we change our reality.

In addition to the power of awareness, I also incorporate energy healing into​ the sessions. This work is deeply transformative as we work through layers of stuck energy to clear the field of old imprinting, trauma from this lifetime or past, and balance the chakra system. When our chakras are functioning properly and our energy is balanced, life becomes better aligned. When you gain the awareness of behavior patterns and shift your quantum field, life changes. Permanently.

What to expect

During these integrated sessions, we will gain perspective on what your priorities are, bring your awareness to patterns of behavior and belief systems that are keeping you stuck, check in with your energetic field to clear and balance your chakras and auric field, and complete the session with a bit of debriefing to gain clarity of our findings as needed.
( If you have scheduled a distance session, please make sure to have a quiet space to relax for the duration of our appointment. We will spend the entire time connected by phone or by Skype. Please see more on Distance Healing here.)

After a session, expect to have a deeper sense of Self and a more comprehensive sense of wholeness. You will become aware of previously hidden beliefs and attitudes which, once addressed, result in an improved relationship to the Self and others. This work is profoundly transformational and deeply healing. Many find it to be exciting and exhilarating to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and learn how to navigate life from a more complete perspective. During the healing, an interconnection between mind, body, and soul is awakened, and you will carry that with you from that point forward.

My intent is to work with your body’s natural healing processes as well as to assist you in translating that language. Once you become more attuned to the subtleties of your body and your thought processes, you become able to self-correct in much easier ways. Awareness is key and teaching you how to listen is important in staying in a healthier and empowered state of being.

This is an all-encompassing therapy and will utilize several modalities including:


If you are not in my local area, please see Distance Healing options here!

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