All systems in the body and the energy field are healthier when they are grounded, nourished and balanced.

Our bodies are comprised of energy and vibration. That vibration varies, depending on several factors including mood, physical and emotional well-being, thoughts, and experiences. These varying vibrations create a field around them which are often referred to as our aura or energy field. Our aura, which encompasses vibration signatures from our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual “bodies” can be enhanced when all the bodies are in a healthy state. These bodies are all interrelated and affect one another. Therefore a state of imbalance in one of the bodies leads to a state of imbalance in the others.

With focused intention, an energy worker can sense and connect with the aura/energy/vibration of the client. Conducting an energy healing, whether in person or long distance, involves the same process of channeling and transmitting healing energies to the energetic field. This helps to dissolve blockages, cleanse the energetic field, rebalance energy centers (chakras), and correct any imbalances. Once balance is once again restored, greater health across the board can be achieved.

In society today, we have no trouble believing that vibration of cell phones, radio, etc can travel across the grid. Those invisible frequencies are very real, and most of us engage in their use daily. Our individual energy emits in the same way and if tuned into that frequency, can also be tapped into and translated. When an energy worker tunes into an individual energy signature, they then read that energy and can also send energy back with focused intention. If we accept the idea of how our technology works, it is not too hard to also then accept the possibility of how healing energy can travel in a similar way.

So scientists are now recognizing what mystics from many traditions have known for centuries: we are all connected, we are not separate. This means distant healing energy can affect people, objects, or places over long distances because we are all connected at a very fundamental level of existence.

How it works:

If you consider how shoulders tend to get tight with the onset of stress, you may be able to more deeply understand how energy can affect us. It is the energy of stress that settles into the body, which then creates physical discomfort. If that energy is dissolved, the physical pain also subsides. If this energy imbalance is not tended to, it can build and be a catalyst for illness. If the practitioner can help the client to resolve their issue which has created the illness, and their energy is balanced and restored, the illness often disappears or improves. Healing energy can be sent for any condition, whether it’s physical, energetic, mental, emotional or spiritual.

This treatment is performed in the comfort of your home and begins with a phone call/Skype at the appointed time. Uninterrupted time is needed. It is important to be in a comfortable, quiet, private, and peaceful environment. Before the session, Jean will discuss your concerns and your intentions for the session. She will tap into your guidance system, her guides, and source, to gain clarity of direction for and throughout the session. Jean is very proficient at locating blocks of all kinds throughout the energetic field. Whether they stem from a past life or current life trauma, energetic debris, or a misaligned chakra system, she will have you balanced and feeling much lighter in no time. You may experience sensations of warmth, tingling, energy movement, or just a sense of peace throughout and after your session.






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I feel different, and I’m up off the couch! I’m outside in the sun on my back porch. I feel like you just saved me. Thank you SO much!! Can’t thank you enough!!! I feel like I’ve just had the best rest of my life and I’m ready to go out dancing. How did you do that?? – NB, Milwaukee, WI

It’s amazing I have tears. Unbelievable! Instead of feeling completely hollow & empty, my chest feels normal. I hear the birds, feel the sun & it all kinda feels ok again. God bless you Jean! Thank you so much!!! Sending love back to you!! – KTB, Kingstree, SC

I had been to numerous doctors for over 3 months, and no one could determine what was wrong with me. After a session with Jean, over 90% of my pain was gone! Amazing!!! I have no idea how she did that, but will be forever grateful!!! – EL, Buderim, Australia


Some people report an overwhelming sense of peace and relaxation, warmth, or tingling. Some feel nothing at all. Everyone responds to energy differently. There is no right or wrong way to experience it. Even if you feel nothing, it doesn’t mean nothing is happening. The more you receive this type of work, the more sensitive you will become to the vibration.

Post session – Many people feel “lighter” somehow, happy, peaceful, calm, and clear. Improvements can be felt immediately, and on-going. Many insights and epiphanies can occur during a session and will continue to unfold for days and even weeks following a session. The healing that occurs is transformative and long lasting.

Your only responsibility is to come into the session with an open mind and heart. This work is facilitated by source energy and it is no mistake that you feel compelled towards the work, or particular practitioner. This is where the work truly ignites. When you begin to trust in yourself, your guidance, your intuition, and where you are compelled, life evolves in miraculous ways!
Since energy healing works on a full-spectrum level, participation of the mind is not required for healing to occur. Many people fall asleep because energy healing can be very relaxing. Sometimes, we are meant to sleep so we can get out of our own way, and allow even deeper transformation to take place. 😉
It is good to be able to take some time for yourself after the session and allow the work to integrate. Try to avoid the temptation to jump back into busy life.

It helps to journal about your experience as more information will likely surface. It gives additional understanding which supports what has occurred outside the waking reality to become more known. Often, individuals are surprised at how much content comes to the surface and insights arise even though before they felt that “nothing” had occurred.